Leadership development

The difference between mere management and true leadership is communication.
Sir Winston Churchill

Since you took over the leadership role for a team, you regularly face challenges and you wonder how to solve them. Topics like these sound familiar to you:

  • You want to live up to your role as a leader but don’t know how.
  • You face mistrust by your team members even though you only want the best for them.
  • You have a hard time transporting messages.
  • You want to improve your way of giving constructive feedback that is well perceived.
  • Preparing difficult conversations with your team members makes you feel overwhelmed.
  • Due to fast growth many changes are necessary and you face reluctance with your team members.

You want to be more impactful in your leadership role. I can help you on your individual development path. You will gain a better understanding of your leadership responsibilities. You will learn how to handle different needs and requirements of the team and the organization. In a nutshell: you learn how to handle the daily challenges of a leader.

Coachings for Leaders

Individual Coaching for Leaders

In 1:1 coachings we discuss your specific leadership cases. You will find your authentic and successful leadership style.

The coaching sessions take place according to your needs. Depending on your topic we usually start with a few intense sessions on some foundational leadership topics.

Peer Coaching for Leaders

Peer coaching is the right format for you if you want to learn from each other in your leadership team. As a group you work on a specific real life case. In my role as Coach I facilitate the process and give valuable thought-provoking impulses.

You find solutions for the challenges in your work life. At the same time you strengthen your network and cooperation.

Workshops for Leaders

Leadership Foundations

In my workshops you gain fundamental leadership knowledge and skills. Based on that I help you to reflect on the relevance of leadership for you and your organization.

Leadership Culture

In the culture workshop you will develop a leadership culture that fits the organizational needs. This can be the foundation for promoting and hiring leaders.

Leadership Succession

Potential Leaders gain insights on leadership responsibilities and your leadership culture. So you and the potential successors will be able to decide whether a leadership role will be the suitable next step.

Leadership Reflection

On a regular basis (once or twice a year) we meet to reflect the development of your leadership culture. Does it still meet your needs? Where do you see necessary changes? With this you ensure your leadership stands in line with the growth of your company.

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